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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How can I find out if a check has cleared, what my balance is or amount of my Direct Deposit?

    Within your online banking account, by clicking on each account name on the Account Overview screen, the transaction history for the selected account will pop up and then each transaction, whether pending or posted, will show. The current balance as well as the available balance can be found just above the transaction history. You may also call our telephone banking at 1-800-548-3002

  • How can I transfer between two accounts?

    We have a funds transfer option located under the transactions tab in your online banking account. You may also transfer funds through our telephone banking. However, to have this option, you will need to sign an authorization form with our Customer Service Department. 

  • How do I place a stop payment on an item?

    You may contact any of our customer service representatives to sign a stop payment form. There is also a stop payment option under the Services tab within online banking. 

  • If I have a checking account and a loan, can I make an automatic loan payment?

    Yes, you may set this up through online banking if your deposit and loan accounts have full access. You may also fill out an authorization form to set up an automatic payment through our loan department. 

  • When using the Bill Payment option, how is the transaction completed?

    Once the biller is added and the payment is requested, if the biller is in the Bill Pay system, an ACH transaction may occur. If not, the Bill Pay system will draft a check and will tell you the soonest day that the check will be sent. If the payment is an ACH, it will come out of the account the day requested. If a paper check is drafted, the money will not come out of the account until the check is cashed by the payee.

  • Can I receive my bank statement electronically?

    Yes! By clicking on Settings and then Statement Delivery, you can request any account to have electronic statements. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click Submit. View your statement by clicking Statements under the Transactions tab. You will be required to verify that you can view PDFs on your device.

  • How can I sign up for Internet Banking?

    You can automatically enroll in online banking by going to the home page screen. At the top of the screen, underneath the online banking login you will need to “click” the Enroll Now to take you to the Online Banking Enrollment Form. Follow the instructions to activate this feature.

  • How do I reorder checks?

    Feel free to stop in or give us a call to reorder checks. You also may reorder checks on our website. Additionally, you can reorder checks within your online banking account under the Services tabs.

  • What does it take to open a checking or savings account?

    To open an account with us, we require a valid photo ID and social security number presented at account opening.

  • Can I get a debit card and what are the charges?

    All of our account holders in good standing can receive a debit card. The charge for the card depends on the type of account. Please refer to the checking account page under the Personal tab on our website to see the different options.

  • How long does it take to get a debit card?

    Once your debit card order is processed you should receive your card and PIN by mail within 14 days.

  • Do you offer FREE checking?

    Of course! We have several different types of free checking accounts, including our Kasasa Checking.

  • What should I do if I notice an electronic item error on my statement?

    Contact us as soon as possible if you think your statement or receipt is wrong or if you need more information about a transfer on the statement or receipt. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the FIRST statement on which the error or problem appeared.

    Tell us your name and account number (if any). Describe the error or the transfer you are unsure about and explain as clearly as you can why you believe it is an error or why you need more information. Tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error. We will investigate your complaint and will correct any error promptly. If we take more than 10 business days to do this, we will credit your account for the amount you think is in error, so that you will have the use of the money during the time it takes us complete our investigation.

Online Banking

  • What is a Secure Access Code?

    A Secure Access Code is a one-time use code that allows you to securely login and setup a new password. Secure Access Codes are also used if you accidentally delete the security certificate or “cookie” that we’ve stored on your computer, or if you request to login from a computer not setup for repeated use. Choosing “Activate my Computer for Later Use” authorizes us to store a security certificate on your computer which will speed up the verification process in the future, and eliminate the need to use a secure access code on each login.

  •  Why Does the Bank Require a Secure Access Code?

    Federal regulations require ALL banks to establish a “second factor” in verifying the security of the login process of online banking. Your password is the first factor, and this method of verifying a Secure Access Code, delivered via text or phone call, combined with the installation of a security certificate or “cookie” on your computer constitutes the second factor. This allows us to verify that your computer is authorized by you to conduct transactions.

    You will also receive Secure Access Codes to verify yourself in the process of authorizing External Transfers.

  • What effects will the security certificate have on my computer?

    Very minimal. Authorizing us to activate your computer for later use allows us to speed up the verification process, does not use much hard drive disk space, and is a nice feature if you will be logging in frequently. We will be using the security certificate or “cookie” to quickly identify your computer before we allow access to our system. Upon every future access (behind the scenes) our system will “ask your computer” to show us its “cookie." If a “cookie” is not found – our system will automatically guide you thru the steps to request and submit a secure access code each time you visit our site. Therefore, if the computer you would like to use on a regular basis is setup to delete cookies or is on a network where security policies dictate the daily deletion of cookies, you may want to review our documentation concerning how to allow cookies. Please click here and see if this helps resolve your problem. If after reviewing this, you determine that you would still like to continue your practice of deleting cookies – you can always access our Internet Banking site by following the “public use computer” instructions. Give us a call if you have questions after reviewing this information.

  •  I received my Secure Access Code but cannot enter it in the field provided.

    Please ensure your curser is in the space farthest to the left when entering the code. Most browsers will allow you to cut and paste or manually enter the Secure Access Code in the field provided without issue. Ensure your browser default security level is not set to high which will interfere with entering the Secure Access Code in the field provided.

  • I received my Secure Access Code but it says it has expired.

    The Secure Access Code is a system generated code that will be delivered to the Secure Access Code Delivery Method you choose. Secure Access Codes must be used within ten minutes of delivery or they will expire. If multiple secure access codes are requested, each new request will invalidate any previously requested code.

  •  I must get a new Secure Access Code every time I log in, I think my system may be deleting the secure certificate (cookie). What do I do?

    We have a document that explains how to check that your system is not deleting the secure certificate. Please  click here  and see if this helps resolve your problem.

  •  I have set up a new password and registered my browser. I have selected “Activate this computer for later use”, but each time I log in, it makes me go through the Browser Registration process (where I must get a Secure Code). Why?

    The most likely explanations for having to register your browser multiple times are:

    Your browser is not set to store cookies from our website. Cookies are automatically deleted each time you close your browser. We have prepared a document that explains how to check that your system is not deleting the secure certificate. Please click here and see if this helps resolve your problem. You are logging in from a different browser or PC than you used previously.

  • How often can I change my password?

    You can change your password as often as you like.  You may change your password at any time by going to Settings – Security Preferences – Change Password.  It is good security practice to change your password frequently. This provides you an even higher level of protection and assures your accounts are secure. Hackers who may try to crack your password using brute force (using computer programs that just keep trying different passwords) basically need to start over because your password may now have been changed to some pattern they've already tried and rejected. Do not use the same password on multiple website logins. (Using the same password on multiple websites is discouraged because then your password is only as secure as the least secure of the systems sharing that common password, and if one of your other accounts does get compromised, the bad guy suddenly has access to not just that account, but to multiple accounts, magnifying the scope of the problem).

  • Why do you need me to verify my contact information when the bank says they will never ask for my personal information?

    Yes, we do say we will never ask for personal account information via e-mail or over the phone to protect you from fraudsters. However, when you login to your accounts the first time, we will need to verify that we have the most convenient method to contact you. If you prefer to be contacted by e-mail, please update your account with the e-mail account that you use the most. 

    We also need to verify your telephone numbers on the security preference screen so that we can provide you with your one-time secure access code. On this screen, if the telephone is your preferred contact method, the phone number you enter should be the best way to contact you when you are logged into your online banking. We recommend registration and use of your cell phone number for those times you may be traveling and wish to access a public use computer. 

  • What if I am traveling and need to login to my accounts?

    When you know you are going to be traveling, you may want to verify your secure access code delivery options are updated.  To do this, once you are logged into Internet Banking, simply go to Settings – Security Preferences – Secure Delivery and make sure the phone numbers you have provided are current. It is recommended you keep these updated so that they will be ready when you need access to Internet Banking but you are not at your computer. 

    If you are away from your authenticated computer and need to log-in, you will simply be asked to repeat the authentication process that you completed when you first logged into your accounts. You will be issued a Secure Access Code via your preferred method of contact and then you may login to your accounts as normal upon entering the Secure Access Code. You can also read our online directions. 

  •  What Operating Systems Are Supported?

    System Requirements & Supported Browsers

    Connectivity, user hardware, browser support, and integration are critical to providing the best user experience to online account holders. We work hard to make sure First Central State Bank online banking renders properly and securely on the most popular systems. Below is a summary of recommended hardware, browsers, and accounting software we have tested and support.

    Recommended Minimum User Hardware and Connection:

    • Standard PC or Mac with at least a 1-GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM.
    • Available browser updates applied for improved security that provide anti-virus and spyware protection.
    • Microsoft® Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 2 and 3, Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, or Mac OS X.
    *Note: Microsoft stopped supporting WIndows XP and XP compatible Internet Explorer (IE) in April 2014, including security updates. XP users who do not upgrade their operating systems should replace IE with Google Chrome™for an up-to-date, secure internet browser.
    • Cable, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), or Integrated Services for Digital Network (ISDN) Internet connection. (Dial-up connections are not supported.)
    • *Note: Satellite connections often have difficulty supporting encrypted, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) applications. Since First Central State Bank online is HTTPS-encrypted for the safety of your financial information, some satellite cable connections may exhibit slow responses.

    Supported Browsers by Operating System:

    The following browsers have been tested and determined to provide reliable user experience for our online banking services. Some of these browsers may show minor behavioral or cosmetic differences for our online banking, but generally support the use of the retail and commercial banking application and functionality. It is always recommended to use the latest browser version available from the provider.





    Microsoft Edge

    all versions


    Mozilla Firefox®

    version 32 and higher


    Google Chrome™

    version 36 and higher






    Desktop Safari

    versions 6 and higher for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and higher (7)


    Mobile Safari

    versions 6 and higher for iOS 5 and higher

    Note: Browsers are subject to change. Information current as of August 2019.

    Supported Account Management Software:

    Intuit Quicken and Intuit QuickBooks

    The current and past two-year versions of Quicken and QuickBooks are supported in online banking.

    Quicken "Express Web Connect" and "QuickBooks Online" are both supported.

    Microsoft Money

    We are aware that some online banking users can export their Account history successfully to the most recent versions of Microsoft Money.  However, Microsoft itself no longer supports those products; therefore, the reliability of exports to them cannot be guaranteed.  Use of Microsoft Money with our online banking data is at the user's discretion.

  • How do I Transfer Funds Between Accounts?

    To transfer funds, click on Funds Transfer under the Transactions tab.  In the Funds Transfer workspace, you will be able to set up both one-time and reoccurring transfers between your authorized bank accounts.

  • How Do I Export Transaction History Into My Personal Finance Management Software?

    On the Transaction History page using the Export drop-down box, you can download your data to:


    Microsoft® Excel (.xls)

    Comma separated value file (.csv)

    Microsoft® Money / Microsoft® Small Business Accounting (.ofx)

    Quicken (.qfx),

    Quickbooks (.qbo)


    Once you select the account, and the transaction history for that account is displayed on the screen, select the export method. You will be asked if you wish to Open or Save the export file. If you choose to open the file, you must have the application that supports the file format installed on your local machine.

  • How Can I Change and Sort The History Displayed On The Transaction History Screen?

    As the amount of transaction history for a selected account grows larger, the filter drop-down box allows you to easily find specific online transactions. You can search/filter for transactions by check number, range of checks, date, date range, transaction amount, range of amounts, or transaction description. Once you have filtered the list by selecting one of the filters and entering the filter data, click the ‘Filter’ button to filter your data. You can return to the complete online history list by selecting ‘No Filter’ from the filter drop-down selection and clicking the ‘Filter’ button.

  •  Forgot your password?

    Not a problem! You no longer need to wait until the bank is open to get a new password! You can create it yourself in just a few easy steps -- that is why you set up preferences for delivery of your secure access code when you signed up for Online Banking. Now, let us get you a password!

    • At the login screen type in your Username
    • Leave the Password field EMPTY
    • Click on the "Forgot My Password" link
    • Click on the "Sign In" button

    The next screen will show the different methods you chose to receive a secure access code when you signed up for Internet Banking.

    Just click on the method you would like to use to receive your code and then click "Continue." You should receive your code shortly via the method you chose. Once you receive the code, enter it into the Secure Access Code Box at the curser and click "Continue." Do not hit Enter on your keyboard.

    The next screen will ask you to create a password of your own. Do this using the Password Requirements shown on the screen. Enter the password you created in the New Password box and enter it again in the Confirm Password box.

    Click Submit Password Change. It will ask you if you are sure, if so, Click OK.
    You now have access to your accounts and can use the new password you created the next time you log in.

Mobile Banking

  • What Is Mobile Banking?

    Mobile Banking enables you to access your account information using a special website designed especially for use with web-enabled cell phones.  The mobile website has a clean, easy to navigate format and includes an additional security feature for mobile transactions. 

  • What Can I Do Via Mobile Banking?

    You can review your account balances and transactions, search for specific transactions, make transfers between your accounts and communicate with the bank via secure messaging.  Basically, you can do your banking on the go! 

  • What Type Of Accounts Can Be Accessed In Mobile Banking?

    Mobile Banking provides you access to all the same accounts available to you in Internet Banking today. 

  • What Mobile Devices are supported for Mobile Banking?

    Mobile banking is based on your cell phone’s mobile browser, and not your cell phone model or carrier you use. Therefore, it is compatible with a very large range of devices. Of course, you need to have Internet access in your charge plan with your cellular carrier to access our mobile services. 

  • How Much Does Mobile Banking Cost?

    Mobile Banking is FREE to our online banking customers. You should discuss any service plan fees for accessing the Internet with your cellular provider. 

  •  Is Mobile Banking Secure?

    Mobile Banking uses the most secure mobile browser access available.  Each Mobile Banking session is on a secure server, featuring 128-bit data encryption and requiring a login ID and password for access.  For added safety, transactions conducted via Mobile Banking require an additional level of user authentication with a Mobile Authorization Code (MAC). 

  • What do I need to get started with Mobile Banking?

    To access Mobile Banking, you must: 

    • Be enrolled in Internet Banking. 

    • Have a web-enabled cell phone or mobile cellular device. 

  • Do I need a different User ID and Password for Mobile Banking?

    No, for your convenience, you will continue to use your current Internet Banking User ID and password to access Mobile Banking.

  •  How do I log into Mobile Banking?

    Use your internet enabled cell phone to access our Mobile banking website:

  • I am getting an error message while trying to access the Mobile web address. What should I do?

    If you've accessed our Mobile Banking website successfully before:

    • Check to make sure that you can access and refresh other website pages you have not accessed before.
    • Next double check to make sure that you are entering the correct Mobile Banking web address and you are entering your Login ID and Password correctly. Sometimes numbers, caps and special characters are difficult to enter on the smaller cellular keypad.
    • If you are unable to access other new Internet addresses, it may be a temporary interruption in our cellular company's Internet service. If you are only unable to access our website - it could be that we have taken our website offline to apply an update.
    • If you have access to a desktop computer with Internet - try logging in to Internet Banking to see if your User ID and Password allow you to access Internet Banking. When we make improvements to Internet Banking we often make those same updates to Mobile Banking and must take both websites offline while we do our work. If you need immediate information while we're doing updates - don't forget about our 24-hour telephone banking service. Call 1-800-548-3002
    • If this is your first time trying to access our Mobile Banking website, due to differences in technology, some older devices (and non-cellular devices) will not be able to access via the mobile web address and therefore will not be able to take advantage of Mobile Banking. Contact your cellular provider to troubleshoot this issue and discuss your options
  • Will my cell phone work for Mobile Banking?

    First Central State Bank Mobile Banking uses specifically designed software which adapts to any Internet enabled cell phone or web enabled cellular device.  Less advanced phones may encounter issues of various types due to technology incompatibility.  Contact your cellular provider if you have questions or encounter error messages when trying to access our Mobile Banking website.

  • If my cell phone is lost, whom should I contact?

    You should call the bank to have your online banking disabled.  This will disable your login ID for your mobile banking as well. 

    For added peace of mind, you can go into “Transactions – Activity Center" and review any activity that has occurred to your accounts since you misplaced your phone.  All mobile transaction requests will appear on this screen. 

    If you have any questions, or you are concerned that your User ID or Password may have been compromised, contact First Central State Bank online customer service at 1-800-262-3141. We will be happy to put an alert on your account, reset your Internet Banking access or assist you in monitoring your account for any unusual activity.  Most importantly, you will want to contact your cellular service provider to temporarily disable your phone and prevent charges to your cellular account until you are able to recover or replace your phone. 

  • Is Online Bill Payment available in Mobile Banking?


  • My browse button does not allow me to go back to the previous screen and logs me out of my session. Why?

    Your phone’s browser does not allow your back button to function in a secure session.  To navigate to the previous page, you will need to select the page you want to view from the on-screen Mobile Banking choices.

Mobile Banking App

  •  What is the Mobile Banking App?

    Our Mobile Banking Apps provide you a fast and intuitive Mobile Banking experience designed specifically for Android and iPhone smart phone devices. 

    It’s easy to download and begin using these popular apps. We have built in added conveniences, such as being able to locate ATMs and our bank branch locations through GPS and other capabilities that take advantage of your mobile device features. 

    Your transactions are always secure through our app. To use the Mobile Banking App, you will be required to login using the same user credentials as you would with Online Banking.

  • How do I enroll for the Mobile Banking app?

    Go to your appropriate App store and download the phone or tablet App.  You will use the same login credentials for your mobile banking app as you do with your online banking.  If you do not have online banking simply select Enroll Now once you have downloaded our app.   

    Apple Android

  •  How are the Mobile Banking Apps different from my previous Mobile Banking?

    Our apps are made specifically for your smart phone, which means we use your phone’s built-in features to provide a better experience. One touch access to Sign On, easy menu navigation, and GPS-powered location information are all included.

  • How will the mobile banking app work on my Android TABLET Phone?

    The mobile banking app recognizes an Android tablet phone as a tablet device. Some of the app pages will not display, or function properly, if the device is held vertically as a phone. By viewing your tablet app horizontally it will function properly. Your screen rotation setting should be enabled to allow your screen to view app pages horizontally. 

  •  What are the features of mobile banking apps?

    Same login ID and password as your Online Banking 
    Display account balances and details in real-time 
    View transaction history 
    Complete online funds transfers and external transfers 
    Send or receive secure messages 
    For business users: Use existing templates to submit and approve ACH single receipts or ACH single payments and originate domestic wires. 
    View Branch location/hours and ATM locations

Mobile Check Deposit

  • What is Mobile Check Deposit?

    Mobile Check Deposit allows you to deposit a check into your eligible bank account using your smart phone app. You will take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check for submission to the bank. Keep this check for 10 days and then securely destroy the check; we suggest shredding the check.

  • Who is eligible to use Mobile Check Deposit?

    If you are eligible, you will see the enrollment link under 'Settings' within your online banking or mobile app. If you choose to enroll, you will have immediate access to deposit a check the next time you log in. Mobile Check Deposit is available for FREE to ALL consumer and Basic Business customers.

  • How does Mobile Check Deposit work?

    Once logged in to the app and enrolled in Mobile Check Deposit, go to 'Transactions' then 'Deposit Check'. 

    Detailed Instructions: 
    1. Click 'Deposit Check' under 'Transactions'. 
    2. Choose the account you want to deposit your check in to. 
    3. Fill in the amount of the check you are depositing. Remember to click 'Save'. 
    4. Click the 'Capture Image' button. You will need to allow the app to access the camera on your phone. 
    5. Line your check up inside the brackets on the screen and click 'Capture Front'. 
    6. Turn the check over (we suggest your endorsement be to the left) and repeat Step 5 and click 'Capture Back'. The check needs to be endorsed with the words "Mobile Deposit Only" and your signature. Some checks also have a Mobile Check Deposit check-box under the endorsement area. 
    7. Click 'Submit Deposit'. You will be able to see the deposit activity by clicking the 'Activity' button in the top right corner or view in 'Activity Center' under 'Transactions'.

  •  What types of checks can I deposit?

    Checks must be payable in US dollars on any US bank or credit union and can include personal, business and government checks. The checks must also be payable to, and endorsed by the account holder. 

  • What are the cutoff times for Mobile Check Deposit?

    The cutoff time for checks deposited using Mobile Check Deposit is 4:00 PM CST, on banking days. Anything deposited after 4:00 PM CST on a banking day, or on a weekend or holiday will be processed the next banking day. 

    Deposits made before the 4:00 PM CST cutoff time, will be available the next banking day, pending deposit review. Your deposit could be rejected for a multitude of reasons including, but not limited to: duplicate item detection, no endorsement present, or over the deposit limit.

  •  Is there a limit on what I can deposit with Mobile Check Deposit?

    There is a daily deposit and item limit of $2,500 and a weekly deposit limit of $5,000. To request an increase, please call the bank to inquire.

  • How will I know if there is a problem with my mobile deposit after I submit it?

    There are certain rejections that you will be made aware of immediately, meaning you will not be able to submit that deposit. There are certain other reasons we may reject a deposit, which you would be notified by the last email address we have on file for you. You can always check in your 'Activity Center' under 'Deposited Checks' to check the status of a deposit.

  •  What do I do with the check I deposited through Mobile Check Deposit?

    You will hold on to this check for 10 days, in case the physical copy is needed. Once the 10 days are up, we suggest securely destroying the item, preferable by shredding. 

    1. Write "mobile deposit on date" on the front of your check. The date should be month, day and year of your deposit. 

    2. Securely store your check for 10 days after your deposit, then destroy it. It must be kept in case the original check is needed for any reason. 

  • Are there any fees to use Mobile Check Deposit?

    Mobile Check Deposit is a free service for our consumer and Basic Business online banking users. For additional information, please call or visit your local branch. 

Text Banking

  • What is the Text Banking text number?

    The Text Banking number is BANKME or 226563. 

  •  What are the Text Banking commands?

    BAL - account balances 
    HIST - account history 
    XFER - transfer funds from one account to another. Enter full amount using dollar, decimal and cents. 
    HELP - receive a list of contact points for information on text banking 
    STOP - disable text banking for the enrolled mobile device (To reactivate, login to Online Banking.) 
    LIST - list of available commands 

  •  Is there a cost for Text Banking?

    There are no charges by First Central State Bank for using Text Banking but message and data rates may apply from your cellular provider. 

  • How do I opt-out of Text Banking?

    To opt-out of Text Banking Alerts, reply STOP to BANKME (226563). An unsubscribe message will be sent to your number confirming the cancellation, but no more messages will be sent after that one. 

  •  How do I get help with Text Banking?

    For support or information about Text Banking reply HELP to BANKME (226563). If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at 800-262-3141.